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We may think we are getting our carpets clean enough with a vacuum cleaner. Taking care of stains as we see them makes us feel good about how we keep our carpets too, but there is something important about carpet maintenance that a lot of people tend to forget. That is, that their carpet’s warranty is only valid if they have the professional cleaning done once every year or two. How many of us can say that we do that?

This should be an indication that vacuuming just doesn’t cut it. It may make the carpets look nice, but it is sorely lacking in deep cleaning ability and it can’t make your carpets very hygienic. If you want to protect your carpets and your health, then you need to have the professional cleaning done regularly on your carpets.

A lot of people suffer from indoor allergies, and dirty carpets that aren’t being properly cleaned only make it worse. There are a few rules you need to adhere to in order to keep your carpets cleaned and your home’s air as breathable as possible. One of the key ones is to have professionals do the cleaning for you at regular intervals throughout the year.

Your carpet’s warranty probably won’t be any good if you don’t have it professionally cleaned at least every 12-18 months. Different manufacturers will have different periods for cleaning, and yours could be for up to 24 months. You’ll have to check your carpet for the details.

The experts recommend having your carpet steam cleaned at least once every six months, however. This ensures the best air quality for your home and keeps your carpet looking good all year long. If you have pets or small children in the home, then you probably need to have it cleaned more frequently than someone who lives alone.

All the experts agree that having your carpets steamed and cleaned professionally is the way to go. Steam cleaning isn’t something you should try to do yourself, even though there are steam machines to rent. Rental machines aren’t usually able to get down deep enough or provide powerful enough cleaning to really get your carpets as clean as they should be. They leave behind dirt, stains and other nastiness that can cause health problems and wear out your carpet prematurely.

Carpet cleaning experts hear horror stories of people who tried to clean their carpets with a steam cleaner on their own. Then the professional comes in and finds patches of mould in the carpet. It’s not pleasant.

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Of course, we recommend that people vacuum in between steam cleanings. That’s the best way to keep the dirt and dust levels down, and people who have pets or kids who like to get dirty will need to vacuum pretty much every day. Any spots or stains you find need to be addressed right away but don’t expect your regular cleaning to get everything.

We also recommend taking out your area rugs twice a year for some extra special cleaning. These rugs may have their own care instructions, so be sure to follow them precisely. You can take them outside, beat them down and let them air out for about a day.

Area rugs usually need a steam cleaning about once a year, but more frequently if you are not cleaning them on your own regularly.

Another tip for people who clean their own rugs most of the time is to vacuum slowly. A lot of people make the mistake of vacuuming as quickly as they can, just to be done with it, and that can mean they miss a lot of the dirt that’s trapped in the carpet. If you vacuum slowly, you can vibrate the carpet fibers and get out more dirt.

Finally, choose a carpet that’s not as likely to attract dust. Short fiber rugs are our best choice, as they will be less likely to trap in dust and dirt, and they are much easier to clean up spills from. You also want to use natural fiber carpets, such as wool, which will last longer and react to cleaning better than something synthetic like nylon.

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