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Upholstery Cleaning

Regular upholstery cleaning will make your furniture look better and last longer. We provide a full range of professional upholstery cleaning services designed to meet your needs and keep your furniture looking great.

We also offer bulk discounts on commercial cleaning upholstery such as school chairs, office chairs etc.

Upholstery should be cleaned regularly- at least once every six months. This keeps your furniture in top shape and ensures they are hygienic. You can perform a basic cleaning on sofas, chairs and other upholstered furniture yourself as often as necessary, but that won’t get out the deep-seated germs and dirt the way professional cleaning will. We use a multi-step process to ensure that your furniture looks and feels its best and to make certain that even germs you can’t see are removed and that the furniture is safe for children and pets.

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Highly Experienced Upholstery Cleaners

Whether you have leather dining room chairs or corduroyed couches, having your upholstery cleaned professionally every so often is very important. No upholstery is too difficult for us to clean at Caerphilly Carpet Cleaning, but each one requires its own unique method of cleaning. You can’t clean leather the same way you would clean corduroy, after all. If you do, it could end up damaging the materials and harming your furniture.

Our team knows how to handle any upholstery cleaning job and how to make certain that your sofas or chairs are cleaned in the best way possible, to minimize damage and provide a perfect cleaning each time.

It is important to understand the benefits of professional upholstery cleaning. Simply wiping down leather or using a washing detergent to get out stains won’t be enough to really and truly clean your furniture. It takes a professional touch to ensure that the spots are removed, that the upholstery is cleaned through and through and that all germs are eliminated.


The Upholstery Cleaning Process

We use cleaning methods that have been tested and proven for years. We want to ensure the best results for our customers, so we use only the best products and equipment and ensure that all of our upholstery cleaning team is well trained and can handle a variety of upholstered materials.

  1. We begin by vacuuming the exterior of the upholstery. This gets rid of the loose dirt and particles, making it easier to thoroughly clean the furniture during the rest of our process.
  2. Next, we apply pre-spot treatments. This is specially formulated cleaner that loosens stays and dirt, making them easier to clean, without harming your furniture in any way.
  3. Then we follow the spot treatment with a hot water extraction cleaning method. This uses a powerful hose that covers the furniture with hot water and extracts it immediately afterward that ensures your furniture won’t be damaged by water soaking through the upholstery. We take every precaution to ensure no damage occurs.
  4. Then we treat the stains that still remain with another stain removing solution. These stains are treated individually with the most effective means of removing them. In most cases, we can remove every stain on your upholstered furniture.
  5. This is followed by grooming that speeds up the drying process and provides the best look for your furniture.
  6. Finally, we completely dry the cleaned furniture and ensure that all detergents, water, and cleaners are removed. This powerful drying process makes certain that water is not allowed to soak through and damage the furniture.

We can also provide stain prevention during the cleaning process if you like. This is optional, but it can prevent future stains to your furniture and ensure they look better for longer.


Why Choose Our Upholstery Cleaners?

We are a team of the skilled sofa and upholstery cleaners, and our comprehensive knowledge and experience mean that we are the best company to call when you need quality work done. We guarantee the work we do, and we stand behind our team, and we believe you will be very happy with the work we have done for you.

We always ensure the best upholstery cleaning results, using advanced machinery, skilled technicians, and peerless quality control. To request a quote or to find out more about the services we offer, please contact us today.


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