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How clean you keep your house can determine how often you will suffer from allergies. Those allergies may still bother you after you do a throughout cleaning, but the level of allergens in the house will be greatly reduced.

One of the best ways to get rid of allergens at home is through carpet cleaning, and nothing gets out more dirt, pollen, dust mites and other irritating particles than professional carpet cleaning. You may not be able to perform a thorough cleaning on your own, but a professional can handle it for you and get the job done quickly and completely.

Deep thorough extraction cleaning is needed

Cleaning on your own can be a good way to reduce the allergens in the home, but conventional carpet cleaning methods don’t get down deep in the carpet to completely remove all the particles that are holding on tight to carpet fibers. Only professional cleaning can do that.

If you have been cleaning your carpets regularly, then every time you walk on them you can disturb pollen and dust mites and other allergens, forcing them into the air and into your nostrils, eyes and other sensitive areas. This can cause rashes, breakouts, sneezing, flu-like symptoms, breathing difficulties and swelling. Different people will react to allergens in a variety of ways, and even those without allergies can be irritated by particles that are hiding in the carpets.

Who is most at risk?

Those most affected (besides allergy sufferers) will be the elderly, the very young and anyone with health problems. If you want to protect yourself, your family and anyone else in your home, then you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned every so often. Most carpets need to be cleaned thoroughly a few times a year. Light cleaning is necessary once a week, but more thorough cleanings, like those from a professional, will greatly reduce your overall health problems if you have them done a few times every year.

Anyone who has pets or who suffers from allergies may want to have the professional cleaning done more often. Once a thorough cleaning is being done on a regular basis, though, allergen content in the carpets will go way down and it will be easier to breathe. There will be fewer illnesses in the home and the standard of cleanliness will greatly improve.

If you have never had your carpets professionally cleaned before, then make an appointment today and see the difference it will make. Caerphilly Carpet Cleaning is here to make your life easier.


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