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Will you get much value from a steam cleaner rental? You may make your carpets look reasonably clean when you do the cleaning yourself, but you should also realize that a professional does the job much better. If you really want to do the job yourself on a regular basis, you should look at getting a deep cleaning machine to get down into the carpet fibers.

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Steam cleaning is considered the best way to clean a carpet, but it doesn’t use steam. It starts by pouring some cleaning solution over the carpet. That solution is rinsed out with the dirt and grime in the carpet, and then as much moisture as possible is vacuumed up.

The professional steam cleaning crews definitely have an advantage over the rental machines. They aren’t likely to make errors as they clean, such as using too much cleaning solution, and they won’t leave a residue behind. You can be sure the job will be done right and that your carpets will be flawlessly clean if you choose a qualified carpet cleaning company.

Professional cleaners use more powerful tools that are much better at getting rid of all the dirt that has accumulated in your carpet. When the professionals are done, they leave the carpet very dry, enabling you to use it a lot faster than if you cleaned it yourself.

Of course, you have to compare the expense of having your carpet professionally cleaned to doing it yourself. It doesn’t cost much to rent a cleaner for yourself and do the job on your own. Even the cleaning chemicals you can buy are relatively cheap. Hiring a professional to do the job will cost probably ten times as much, but you will get a much more thorough cleaning.

The problem with using a rental machine is that they are not all at the same level of quality. This is a big problem if you are new to cleaning carpets. You may end up renting a machine that churns out too much detergent onto the carpet or that doesn’t work very well, and you may assume it is working just fine. If you buy a deep cleaning machine, you can side step the problem, but these can cost as much as a visit from a professional cleaner.

The difference between cleaning carpets yourself with a steam cleaner you bought and hiring a professional may not be immediately evident. They may seem to produce the same results, but then again, the professional knows how to use their tools a lot better than you do. And they know how to make sure they get out all the dirt and stains that you may you may not notice, but that will wear down your carpet and harm your air’s breathability.

Your carpet manufacturer probably recommends cleaning your carpet every year to year and a half. That is usually often enough to keep the warranty valid, but if you have pets in your home or kids that track in dirt all the time, then you need to clean your carpets a lot more often than that to keep them in top shape.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaners

If you find that your carpets aren’t as clean as you would like after a few cleanings, you can call in the professionals to do it for you.

If you plan to use your own cleaner to do the job, then we recommend that you follow some basic guidelines for the best results. First of all, ensure you only use the same detergent that the manufacturer recommends. If you use something different, you can get some unpleasant results. You also want to follow the instructions precisely, only using the recommended amounts. If you use a more concentrated formula than what is suggested, then you won’t make your carpets cleaner; you will only leave them stickier.

Be sure to set up some fans before you clean to dry out the carpet quickly. If you have decent quality fans, you can dry your carpet in a few hours, and if it takes longer than 24 hours to get them dry, you could be looking a mould growth.

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