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You might think your home is clean, but you may not realize how wrong you are. There are some cleaning mistakes we all make that end up causing our homes to be dirtier than ever. Even the best cleaning experts may be able to learn a few things from this list.

What this list reveals are that some of our cleaning efforts could be a complete waste of time. Keep reading to find out why it may not be a good idea to wash your windows on a hot day and why it takes more than dishwashing liquid to clean a cutting board.

The Cutting Board Cleaning Mistake

Once you have used the chopping board to cut up raw meat, you may think you can clean it just fine with some warm soapy water. That may work okay for most dishes, but you will need something more powerful to get rid of the bacteria on the cutting board. It’s best to soak the board in bleach before scrubbing it down.

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Using Polish on Your Furniture

If you spray polish on the furniture directly, then it will create a build-up that is difficult to remove. Try spraying the polish into a cloth and then wiping it onto the furniture. That will prevent stains and marks from being left behind. You’ll also use less polish.

Feather Duster Use

Another furniture cleaning tip is to not use the same feather duster from room to room. In fact, feather dusters are simply not very effective cleaning tools. They spread dust from one room to the next, and they won’t get rid of dirt. Instead, use a wet cloth.

Window Washing in Hot Weather

You might think a nice, warm day is the perfect time to clean your windows, but that would be a mistake.

The problem is that the sun will dry up the water and the cleaning agent before you have a chance to finish. That will create streaks that you may have a tough time getting out.

Making Your Bed

You might be in the habit of making your bed as soon as you wake up, but that is a mistake as well. When you do that, you keep bacteria, mites, and moisture under the covers, and that is going to create the perfect breeding ground for germs.

If you leave the covers back, the sheets can dry out completely, and you will have fewer bed bugs and dust mites to deal with.

cleaning bed room

Clean the vacuum Cleaner

You may use a vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean, but who keeps going the vacuum cleaner? There may be accumulated hair, dirt and other particles in the vacuum that you are spreading around the house. Be sure to clean it regularly to keep from transporting bacteria.

Give Cleaning products Time to Do Their Job

It’s not always best to spray cleaning products onto whatever surface you are trying to clean and then wipe them off right away. You need to give them time to work. Wait a little bit before wiping them off.

Toilet Flushing

If you ever flush the toilet with the lid up, then you are doing it wrong. It’s best to open the lid before flushing because a simple flush can shoot water six feet into the air. When you are done cleaning the bathroom, you should flush the toilet with the lid down. That ensures that you don’t spread germs around your clean bathroom.

Toilet Brush Use

Your toilet brush has all sorts of germs on it, and if you allow it to go back into storage right after you use it, then you will make it easy for germs to multiply. Make sure you dry it out before you stow it away.

Taking care of the Clearing Tools

If you use cleaning tools that are not clean themselves, then you are just multiplying your workload. Ensure all sponges, towels, scrub pads and other cleaning tools are clean before you use them.

Wear Rubber Gloves

You should always have a pair of rubber gloves when you are cleaning the house. If you don’t, you can damage your hands and expose them to chemicals, germs, and bacteria. The gloves are a protective barrier for you. It’s always a mistake to forgo the rubber gloves. They should be an essential part of your cleaning efforts.

Some Cleaning Rules to Live By

Here is a recap of what we have learned:

  • After cutting raw meat, soak cutting boards in bleach.
  • Only use feather dusters in areas that nothing else will reach.
  • Use a wet micro fiber cloth instead.
  • Give cleaning solutions time to be absorbed before wiping them off.
  • Let your toilet brush dry out before you put it back in its stand or storage area.
  • Let your bed covers be thrown back from time to time to let them air out.
  • Clean all cleaning apparatus, such as sponges and cloths.
  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning to protect your hands.
  • Never wash your windows when the weather is very warm.
  • Don’t apply furniture republish directly to the furniture.
  • Don’t make it a habit of making your bed daily.
  • Don’t forget to clean out your vacuum from time to time.
  • Don’t keep the toilet lid open when you flush.

Thanks for reading the whole article. Now I believe you know the most common cleaning mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes. Now, please let me know what types of mistakes you did while cleaning your home.

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