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We wash our clothes regularly to keep them smelling fresh and looking their best. For the same reasons, we should clean our carpet and furniture on a regular basis. If dirt and dust are allowed to accumulate on the carpet, it can drastically decrease the carpet’s lifespan. The friction created as people walk across a dirty carpet produces incredible wear and tear on the fabric. Dirty carpets are also great environments for dust mites, bacteria, and other pests to take up residence.

It may seem costly and time-consuming to have the carpets cleaned regularly, but when you compare that to the cost and hassle of replacing the carpet every couple years, you may begin to the see the advantages. Regular cleaning becomes an economical choice that will end up saving you money over time.

What you may not realize when you look at your carpets is that you only see a small portion of the dust and dirt that are there. Most of the dirt (up to 85 percent) is down deep in the carpet where cursory glances can’t see. The average carpet can trap up to its same weight in dirt. For the average living room, that adds up to about 150 pounds of dirt, bacteria, pests, and dust sitting on the carpet. Once you look at it like that, you may begin to see how important it is to clean your carpet regularly.

If you have your carpets and soft furniture cleaned professionally every so often, you will start to notice some serious benefits. These include:

Longer Carpet Life

By cleaning out the dirt in your carpets, you reduce friction and the wear it causes and ensures that your carpets and soft furniture last much longer. The more regularly you clean, the longer they should last.

Fewer Stains

Professional cleaning can get rid of stains that you can’t handle on your own. By hiring cleaners regularly, you can keep your carpet and furniture looking spotless and remove stains that have been present for years.

 A Safer, Healthier Environment

Removing dust, dirt, allergens and more creates a cleaner environment that is easier to breathe in and that is less likely to trigger allergies or flu-like symptoms. It’s far safer for children and the elderly, who can be more easily affected by dirty carpets.

Bacteria and Pest Elimination

Professional cleaning also gets rid of dust mites, bacteria, pollen, mold and much more. This helps to prevent problems before they occur and protect your health and your house. Many of these irritants and pests are not only harmful to people but also to the structural integrity of the building they are in.

A Fresher Smell

Cleaning regularly can get rid of some lingering smells in the carpet. You might not have noticed the scent your carpet carries because you are so used to it, but you will definitely notice the fresher, cleaner smell it emanates once it has been professionally cleaned.

The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

You Need More Than Vacuuming

It’s important to vacuum your carpets regularly to keep them looking clean and free from pollutants and irritants. Hover, vacuuming isn’t the only thing your carpets need to have done to them to be at their best. Most vacuum cleaners that people have in their homes can’t get deep into the carpet pile, and they leave behind a lot of dirt and dust that is trapped down deep in the carpet. Even the very powerful ones aren’t strong enough to gets rid of deep, tough-clinging dirt and stains. For those kinds of jobs, when the carpet is especially dirty or hasn’t been cleaned properly in a long time, you need professional cleaning. The sophisticated machines that professionals use to flush out the dirt and grime with high power, hot water cleaning solutions. Dirt and stains can’t stand up to that, and once the cleaners are finished, your carpets will look leek new.

If you really want your carpets to have that fresh look and smell and to be more hygienic, then you need to hire professionals to clean them regularly. In most cases, it takes about two good cleanings a year to keep carpets in top shape all year long.


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