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Best Places to Visit in Caerphilly

What a beautiful place. This town in southern Wales has a great history, many interesting things to do and a great landscape. After reading this article you’re going to make your bags and visit this place because it’s simply magical. A place where you can relax for real.

We’re going to review together the best activities to do in Caerphilly. There’s something for every type of person. Come with us and discover what this amazing town can offer you.

Visit the Magical and Refreshing Countryside:

The countryside is simply 10 minutes away from Caerphilly. The life in the city can be stressing, hence it’s important to get a getaway, and what could be better than visiting the relaxing, refreshing and magical countryside?

Best Places to Visit in Caerphilly

Now let’s review some of the best places you can visit in the countryside.

Parc Coetir Bargoed:

The Bargoed Woodland Park is an enigmatic and special place. Essentially it’s the countryside, but with a special aspect: It’s been shaped by people in the past and is still being shaped by people who live here.

It was created from three collieries. You can access the park through one of the eleven sculpted gateways. Once you see this place and the beautiful Rhymney River, you won’t believe that this place once was the greatest and most important coal tip in Europe.

Now it’s a place full of life, fresh air and an amazing landscape you can enjoy with all of your family and friends. The trees and flowers make this place something new, a place where life abounds.

Parc Cwm Darran:

Another park you have got to visit in the countryside. It’s tucked away in the Darran Valley, at only two miles away at the north of Bargoed. Here you can relax at your fullest by walking on the paths near to the river, breathing the fresh air and exploring the beautiful and enigmatic woodlands.

It’s a perfect place for recreational trekking. With its beautiful and full-of-life meadows, beautiful woodlands and great landscape you will have an amazing time here.

Parc Penallta:

The Penallta Park was carved from a former coal tip. If you come here, then you must visit the High Point Observatory, from which you will get a beautiful and privileged view across the county borough.

Here you will find the Sultan pit pony, one of the most famous and representative earth sculptures in the UK. It’s a truly unique and amazing experience, especially if you come with children. You can stroll through the grassland and woodlands. It’s the perfect place and occasion to go for a long walk with your loved ones.

If you love fishing, then this place has for you two fishing lakes which are full of coarse fish. This place brings you the opportunity to relax, walk, go for a ride on your bike, fish and many other things.

If you come with the kids here, then you can take part in the Minibeast Mayhem. This activity is very entertaining and will give them and you a very fun time.

Pen-y-Fan Pond:

The Pen-y-Fan Pond is one of the last canal feeder reservoirs in Wales. This place is perfect for families because it has spaces which are perfects for picnics, walk around with your children, fly a kite, play many games with the ball and many other activities.

If you want to bring your children a lot of fun, then you can go around with them following the ‘Alien Invasion Trail’ to discover who has been visiting these lands from far above.

It’s also a good opportunity to practice fly fishing. But keep into account that you need a day ticket from Pontllanfraith Leisure Centre or Green’s Fishing Tackle before doing it. That’s the unique requisite.

Sirhowy Valley:

The perfect place for cycling and walking. Here you can do very interesting and relaxing tours around the zone, either by walking or cycling. A great place to visit with your family, partner or friends.

In this tranquil and beautiful zone, you will find the former railway track, which is flat by the way. Walking alongside it is one of the best things you can do. The Sirhowy River brings this place a special look and feel.

Several persons who visit this place like to go for a walk in the beautiful woodlands or by cycling. You can also visit the fully-restored Penllwyn Tramroad Bridge, which has been restored by exclusively using stone sleepers.

The Best Attractions in Caerphilly

We have checked what the countryside has to offer, now it’s time to check other important attractions in Caerphilly.

Blackwood Miners Institute (BMI):

At the heart of the community, you will find the BMI, a place which presents a wide variety of shows and arts for your entertainment. It’s common to find important names in the world of music and entertainment in the installations of the BMI.

If you want to witness a very entertaining show, then you have got to visit the Blackwood Miners Institute. It’s a must-see in Caerphilly and you cannot afford to miss it out.

Caerphilly Castle:

The Caerphilly Castle is the biggest and largest castle in Wales. It’s one of the most representative attractions of this place, and it’s not hard to guess why.

The majestic building is surrounded by watery islands and moats. This castle was built thanks to Gilbert ‘the Red’ de Clare, who also built the mythical Castell Coch, which is located on the other side of the mountain.

It’s an excellent option to visit with your family. It offers discounts for families at only 16 pounds, which admits 2 adults and 3 children under 16.

Llancaiach Fawr:

Here you will find the Llancaiach Fawr Manor, a semi-fortified manor, which was built in 1550 for Dafydd ap Richard. T. It has a design which allowed it to be defended easily and effectively during the chaotic, violent and turbulent reigns of Tudor kings and queens.

Here you will meet the characters of the place. If you are very lucky, then you may meet the busy Edward Prichard. Or maybe meet his wife, the Mistress Mary Prichard. There are many interesting characters you can meet in Llancaiach Fawr, making it a great place to visit with your children.


As you can see there are many things to do in Caerphilly. This beautiful place has activities for every kind of person and family. Hence, we highly recommend you to visit it, you won’t be disappointed!


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